15 Things to always avoid in life

Avoid the following things before it gets worse

  1. Not loving yourself.(how you can expect love from others.)
  2. Overthinking.
  3. Loving a person who doesn’t love you back.
  4. Chasing someone who does not even respect you.
  5. Believe that your partner is the only person you can ever love.
  6. Comparing yourself to others.
  7. Blaming others. No matter who’s wrong, you have to work through it.
  8. Always looking out for something better, and not appreciating what they have.
  9. Complaining.(never complain about what you haven’t.)
  10. Over confidence.(it kills yourself.)
  11. Procrastination. Get yourself prioritized. Period.
  12. Always seeking for comfort. Life starts where the comfort zones end.
  13. Regretting. You lose people, money, love and targets but never regret.
  14. Not travelling enough. Travelling is the easiest way to learn and experience life.
  15. Not reading enough.

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